Serenity now, Insanity later

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Hum.. bio, bio.

Let's see. I've been obsessed with TV since I developed cognitive reasoning, or ya know, found out how to change the channels.

I don't take obsessions lightly. Once I sink my teeth into a fandom, I latch on until I've bled it dry.

I like to think that I'm down to earth and easy going but I do enjoy playing devil's advocate, so if you are ever in the mood for a good argument (be it crack or research based) shoot me a line. I mostly enjoy trying to see motive behind why people feel the way they do about a subject, and not judge but observe. Because of this, this journal is entirety a friendly and open zone. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

I have a BS degree (hehe) and a horrible inability to spell. Also, I prefer to compose my posts in my own form of ghetto-geek slang.

Consider yourself forewarned, here be many spelling errors buried deep in crazy.

So to sum it up, I like to have fun, goof around and occasionally complain. Feel free to friend as long as you're not afraid to be friended back!

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